Welcome to SC Grocer, South Dublin’s newest gourmet delicatessen, where all of our ingredients are carefully sourced from a variety of local Irish producers, our cheeses and charcuterie are both Irish and Italian.


Our coffee is supplied by Ponaire, which is an Irish company based in Tipperary who roasts all of their brews here in Ireland.

The bean we use at SC Grocer is a single-origin Peruvian organic bean and is 100% Arabica. This produces a beautifully rich coffee experience without bitterness that allows the taste of the coffee to come through. Whether you like your coffee from espresso to latte through to Cappucino, we think you will love them at SC Grocer.


Unique to SC Grocer, all of our delicious food is prepared in the open kitchen directly behind our deli counter. This is the boiler house of our shop and keeps our Deli Counter fully stocked with the freshest of produce and the tastiest gourmet delights.




Freshly made with our own tomato and bechamel sauce. Our lasagne is lovingly cooked in either a beef or vegetable version.


Our sausage rolls are lovingly prepared with a mixture of herbs & spices and encased in a light puff pastry – increasingly difficult to keep in stock – amazing!


All of our salads are made fresh in-store from the finest ingredients. They range from our famous coleslaw and potato salad to an everchanging range of innovative seasonal combinations – fresh and healthy.


All of our bread and pastries come from acclaimed Firehouse Bakery in Delgany, Co. Wicklow. All of the bread is made without provers or additives and we think you will find this adds a different dimension to our sandwiches and rolls at SC Grocer.

Choose from a wide range of sourdoughs and other specialty bread.